Personal Loans Bad Credit

Getting approval for a personal loan with a bad credit score can be difficult. Do you need a personal loan, is bad credit preventing you from paying your bills and debts? At MyBorrowing, we have a simple application process to apply for a loan that allows you to get your loan approved even if you have a bad credit score. Apply now!

We do not check your credit. Instead, we provide loans for people who are looking for secured personal loans from responsible lenders.

Does a bad credit history matter?

If you are looking for a personal loan, home loan or a car loan from a bank? Banks will usually perform a credit check which means they will go through your credit history to validate your financial situation.

If you are stuck with a bad credit history, it can be challenging to get a loan approval to finance your requirements. We do not perform credit checks. Bad credit personal loans can be a great way to apply for a personal loan without going through the hassle of a credit report.

Will this personal loan affect your credit score?

Whether your repayment failures are a part of credit reporting becomes the primary question regarding debt consolidation. Our loan product for bad credit personal loans comes with flexible terms making sure you can choose a loan term that suits your financial situation.

We look beyond just poor credit and do not want our personal loans to affect your credit history. MyBorrowing provides you with bad credit loans that have small and fixed fees and charges. Unlike a bank, we do not check your credit score for your loan approval.

Am I eligible for bad credit personal loans?

While we do not check your credit score, we validate your identity. Instead of credit rating, the few things that are required to get approved with your loan application include:

  1. A regular income for the past 3 months, this can be from government benefits but not just Centrelink benefits or pension.
  2. An active mobile number and email address
  3. A citizen of Australia
  4. Aged 18 years

Are you stuck with a higher interest rate or poor credit history? We can help people with bad credit with a bad credit loan. Our process is a 100% online application system that could help you get approved instantly, and the funds are immediately sent to your bank account.

Benefits of a bad credit personal loan

We provide unsecured personal loans to our customers for a range of loan amounts. Our loans don’t even have an interest rate; instead, we charge fixed fees and set up charges. A bad credit loan can help you in various ways, such as paying your debts and working as a supportive income. The loan can even help you pay for car repairs.

A personal loan or our bad credit loans can help you improve your financial situation. Our competitive low-interest rates ensure we help you manage your finances better.

How to apply for a bad credit personal loan?

Our 100% online application process is simple, and it allows you to list the loan amount and view the necessary fees and charges that have to be paid for the loan. These are competitive rates and are subject to change.

Once the borrower has applied for a bad credit loan, the loan amount is sent to a responsible lender. Once approved, the funds are sent straight to your bank account. The lender does not check your credit score, so you don’t have to worry about bad credit history.

Are bad credit loans safe?

Bad credit personal loans are beneficial for people with bad credit history. We hold an Australian credit licence that can help our customers feel secure about their funds. We get your loan approved by a responsible and credible lender making sure we offer a reliable loan product.

With the help of these personal loans, you can get quick funds without having to show your credit report or your credit rating.

How our interest rates are different?

Unlike credit cards and banks, we do not charge hidden fees to make your finances worse. We provide bad credit loans to our borrowers to help them improve their financial situation.

In some cases, being stuck with a poor credit history can increase the interest rates for your loan application. But we do not perform a credit check for our bad credit loans, so your credit score doesn’t matter to us. At MyBorrowing, we provide you with a loan that could help with your debt, car repair, home purchase funds and more.

Are these loans secured or unsecured personal loans?

A secured loan means taking collateral like a bank; we provide unsecured bad credit loans. This makes you feel more comfortable about the loans not affecting the credit score. Being unsecured personal loans, we can also choose not to check your credit history.

Looking for loans? Bad credit preventing you from clearing your debts? A low-interest rate loan could help you through these financial burdens. Apply now!


What happens if I can’t pay back my lenders?

Your debt is broken into a repayment scheme that is supported by your financial needs and capabilities. Since we do not have an interest rate to affect your loan, it is much easier to pay the lenders back. If you cannot meet a payment, let us know, and we could restructure the payment accordingly.

How soon do I get approval for my loan?

As long as your income requirements are met, the lender will have your loan approved as quickly as within an hour. The funds will be sent to your bank account instantly.

Does a bad credit score affect my fees?

The fees for our bad credit loans are fixed and do not change based on your bad credit. They do change based on loan amounts and loan terms. Mention your requirements on the website, and we will process your loan immediately.