Easy Cash Loans

Are you facing a tough financial situation? Do you need fast cash in your bank account? Are you struggling to pay your expenses even with Centrelink? At MyBorrowing, we have the perfect solution – our easy cash loans can help you out. Apply now!

You can choose from a variety of instant loan options online at MyBorrowing. We recommend the best type of cash loan for each client. If you live anywhere in Australia, apply online right now to get short-term, personal loans with a minimal establishment fee and transparent pre-determined fees and charges.

What makes us different?

Our customers are more than their credit score, and we give bad credit loans as long as you’re eligible for one. Our client benefits from the loan term we create with a responsible lender best suited for specific loan amounts.

Our online personal loan application process is user friendly, quick and easy. You can clearly see the comparison rate under each cash loan application on our website.

A gentle warning, this comparison rate is only true for the fees and charges mentioned there.


  1. Be at least 18 years of age with a bank account.
  2. Have a regular income from a job or government benefits. It can’t come from Centrelink or pension only.
  3. You must have to be an Australian Resident.
  4. Have a mobile phone number and email address.

Our easy online application process

It’s never been easier to apply for an instant loan. Don’t worry if you have bad credit. We make sure you get access to an instant loan that you can comfortably afford. It’s a responsible lending process once instant cash loans get approved. Our service helps you find a lender willing to lend your loan amount despite a bad credit score. Our loan contract vastly depends on your income. To avoid any repayment issues, we prefer to lend a reasonable loan amount according to your net income (including Centrelink and government benefits).

Our process

1. Apply online and choose your cash loan amount, repayment terms and suitable interest rates according to your financial condition.

2. We match you with a suitable lender based on the loan amounts.

3. We’ll forward your online application to the lender for final approval once you’re satisfied with the fees and charges.

4. You will have the money in your bank account in a matter of days or even hours.

Common uses of our easy cash loans

Do you need an instant loan today or some extra financial support? Unexpected incidents are never good when you are in a tight financial situation. At MyBorrowing, we process many cash loans every day.

When should I get a cash loan?

Emergency expenses

If you require fast medical attention or repairs to your vehicle or home, apply for an instant online emergency loan with a minimal establishment fee. These instant loans will deposit funds into your bank account within 24 hours. Although our average instant emergency loan amount is $1,000, you can apply for fast cash loans which extend up to $5,000.

Family and life expenses

With the help of a variety of personal loans, you can take care of your family. These online cash loan solutions have a reasonable monthly fee and high approval ratings even with a bad credit score. Make sure you stick to the repayment schedule set by the lender to avoid incurring additional costs or damaging your credit score.

Personal expenses

If you require some additional money to borrow for your career or a personal hobby, a fast cash loan benefits you with instant cash. Personal loans can also finance purchases like a car or a home. You can access instant cash loans from online lenders that can pay for your bigger goals. Well-balanced cash loan amounts with our flexible loan terms help boost your career in new directions. If you are an Australian resident, you can get a quick short-term fast cash loan of a minimum amount of $500 up to $2,000.

Why choose us for personal loans?

Certified and experienced

MyBorrowing is an Australian credit licence holder loan providing company from where you can borrow reliable and certified loans for any purpose. Due to our years of experience in Australia, we let you choose a suitable time period to pay back.

Lighting fast loan process

With a straightforward online application, approval, and disbursal process, you may experience the most convenient online fast cash loan service in the market. You can apply for traditional loans, but those are mostly lengthy and time-consuming.

Our fast cash loan online application process is designed for a better user experience and facilitates swift money transfer to the borrower’s bank account. Our financial experts and customer service representatives are available to assist you in acquiring loan information or guiding you through the process, especially if you have a bad credit score.

Loan acquisitions

To apply for a personal loan with MyBorrowing, we’ve kept the application and loan retrieval processes as simple as possible. Access our customisable loan plan maker with different comparison rates on our website to choose the way you want to pay back.

We make sure that you are comfortable with the monthly fee and all the scheduled repayments before borrowing from us. Once approved, you will get your loan amount in your bank account within 24 hours in the case of a fast cash personal loan. Get easy cash loans with the click of a button; apply now!


Is my loan interest-free?

A lender who offers you a loan without interest or any fees and charges should be verified. We offer you a loan with minimal fees and charges, including an establishment fee and a monthly fee to help you with quick and easy repayments.

What happens if I miss a repayment?

If you can’t meet your repayments, we will finance your loan again to help you borrow the money and give it back to us at minimal costs. Unlike a bank, we do not charge an additional fee for your unexpected costs.

Is the entire loan process transparent?

The money is sent directly to your bank account. All information about the loan, including the repayment structure, additional fees, and charges, is given to you before you decide. While the process is online, we like to be very transparent about your money.