Cash loan for motorcycle

A motorcycle loan is just a way to borrow money when you need extra cash in hand to purchase a new or used motorcycle or when existing motorcycle financing is required.

MyBorrowing has made the loan application process straightforward. MyBorrowing has a high acceptance rate and may give you a secured loan even if you have a poor credit history. Apply online for a motorcycle loan today and receive the money directly transferred to your bank account.

Don’t think twice before applying if you have a bad credit rating. MyBorrowing does not process credit checks that might further damage your negative credit rating.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must qualify some criteria to apply for a motorcycle loan from MyBorrowing.
  • You must be of at least 18 years old to access our motorcycle loans.
  • Only a permanent Australian resident can get personal loans from us.
  • An active bank account is necessary because the money will be delivered via bank transfer.
  • For any loan amount, a steady regular income is required.
  • Having a valid mobile number and email ID is necessary for a loan as that helps you avoid a motorbike pawn loan.

Our online application process

Applying for a motorcycle loan has never been easier. If you have bad credit, don’t be concerned. We make sure that you have immediate access to a bike loan that you can afford. Once personal loans are granted, it’s a responsible lending process. Our service can help you locate a lender ready to offer you the money you need despite having a bad credit score. Our lending agreement is heavily reliant on your income.

We aim to give a fair loan amount based on your net income to minimise any difficulties concerning the loan repayments. If you are on government benefits, Centrelink payments will be considered a regular income source. You don’t have to pawn your motorcycle today to get extra cash in hand with MyBorrowing.

Step-wise process

Apply online and choose your cash loan amount, monthly repayment terms and reasonable interest rates according to your financial situation.

We find a suitable lender willing to lend you a motorcycle loan according to your motorcycle value.

For motorbike loans, we’ll forward your application to suitable lenders for final approval once you’re satisfied with the loan amount your motorcycle can get you.

You will receive the money in your bank account shortly once your motorcycle loan is approved.

Why is MyBorrowing better than pawning your motorcycle?

MyBorrowing holds an Australian credit licence, and each customer is protected under the consumer protection law. All the personal loans are completely legal, reliable and error-proof. Borrow money today from MyBorrowing by selecting the suitable loan terms.

A bike loan is critical because your motorcycle is collateral here. If it is not the right loan for you, you may lose your bike if the loan term is out of your reach. Pawn your motorcycle carefully. MyBorrowing offers a wide range of loan terms that enables clients to choose a personal loan of their choice.

There are no hidden fees with motorcycle loans in MyBorrowing. The comparison rate for each loan follows the market standard. The establishment fee is fixed along with the monthly payment.

Our whole loan application process is simple and direct. The loan process is made for the customers. The loan calculator on the website can give you an idea about monthly repayments based on your loan contract. The loan term for all motorcycle loans is crucial.

What should you know about pawn motorcycle loans?

There’s a clear difference between an unsecured loan and a secured loan. In an unsecured loan, you don’t have to put collateral. And in secured motorcycle loans, your bike is the collateral. In secured car loans, too, your car is the collateral.

When applying for a bike loan, the motorcycle pawn shop will analyse your sports bike to know its worth. They will decide how much cash they’ll lend for your bike. If you are comfortable with the loan term, you may proceed further. But if not, you can look for other cash loans for motorcycle lenders through us. There won’t be a credit check at any point.

You can get a bike loan without a credit check in Australia for motorcycle finance from MyBorrowing. Just stick to the repayments carefully. Pay the early repayment fees and don’t miss the repayments as per your loan contracts as it can lead you to lose your bike.

Generally, you can get large personal loans if you pawn your motorbike in a challenging financial situation. Choose a personalised interest rate, choose your credit provider and get cash paid in a matter of hours to buy a motorcycle or get your motorbike repaired.


How can I get a motorcycle loan?

Getting a motorcycle loan has never been easy, and it is safer and better than motorcycle pawn shops. All you have to do is apply online with your loan amount and desired terms. Credit checks won’t be conducted. The repayments and the interest rate will be decided based on the period borrowed and the amount borrowed. Once approved, you can get your money in your bank account within hours or days.

How much will it cost?

For a motorcycle loan, you can get between $2,000 to $10,000 in cash. For $2,000 to $4,600, the establishment fee is $400, and the comparison rate is 67.41%. A 48% interest rate per annum is associated with it.

What happens if I miss repaying a motorcycle pawnbroker?

Two things will happen in such cases. One, you may lose your bike in pawn motorcycle loans. And two, it can make a negative impact on your credit score. This is why we always advise our customers to choose a contract term that makes them comfortable. You shouldn’t pawn your motorbike just to get extra cash in hand. There are other personal loan options for that.

How to pay back my loan?

It’s simple. Follow your loan contract to know the payment frequency. Do direct bank transfers to the lender. There won’t be any extra charges if you follow the schedule.